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What is Food in monster legends?

Food is used for feeding your monsters in the game in order for them to gain experience and increase level. The higher level, the stronger your monsters will be. Food is also used for upgrading certain buildings. Food is important thing that should be collected every-day and every-hour.


Food in monster legends  is produced in the Farms which can easily be upgraded to unlock more crops that even produce larger amount of Food.

Other ways to obtain Food are:

  • Monster Market.
  • Receive as a gift from friends.
  • Receive via mystery eggs.
  • Receive when a friend visits and clicks at your Farms.
  • Complete certain goals.
  • Daily bonus.
  • Buy with gems.

Your Monster Legends Team & Opponent Team

In the Monster legends Tournament, it is recommended to check your opponent monsters before you press “FIGHT”. By doing this you can avoid hackers, powerful players, you can also estimate turns & predict the result of the battle.

Opponent monsters
monster legends guide

You can also change your monsters.

Change monsters
monster legends stamina


You start the tournament with 3 max stamina. Every 30 minutes your stamina will replenish by 1. You can also buy it: 1 stamina = 5 gems.

Stamina recharge

Tournament Rewards

Checkpoint Rewards

Checkpoint rewards
monster legends checkpoint rewards


legends ranking

Ranking Rewards

Ranking rewards
ranking rewards

Monster Legends Team

In the Monster Arena, you can pick which monsters for your group, and this group will be the assault/protect group against different foes. So pick it astutely, it will help you alot!

Pioneer Boards

This is the place you can see your positioning among companions, and worldwide. The positioning is scaled by your aggregate Trophies. Remember that the Enemy Searching System will attempt to discover a player who has the Trophies as much as yours

Hunt Enemy

When you are prepared, click this catch and the framework will discover a foe for you. Note that you can pick whether to assault that player by clicking at “Battle”, or jump to another player (for higher asset) by clicking at “Hunt”. You will lost an explicit measure of Gold everytime you click “Hunt”.

Tips: You can see foe monsters by floating your mouse on them. If you don’t mind take note of that you have just 30 seconds to choose whether to assault or not. When the time is up, you can’t battle that player.


Each player has a greatest stamina of 2. In the event that the Monster Arena building has opened, the greatest will be 3. The stamina will be recharged in at regular intervals. Along these lines, you can have up to multiple times to assault every day. Be that as it may, you can accelerate the cooldown by burning through 10 Gems.

Assault Log

This reports all the battle you’ve protected against an adversary assaulted you. It demonstrates the season of the assault, the asset you have lost, and the trophies variety. You can have 1 opportunity to vindicate that aggressor. On the off chance that the an adversary got assaulted from you and, retribution on you, there will be no reprisal of requital.


At the point when your shield is on, the check down is initiated. You can’t be assaulted by adversary, you’re additionally sheltered from vindicate from adversaries as well! So exploit the shield, use it admirably on the off chance that you intend to spare a major measure of gold/food.

Alert: When you assault/vindicate while your shield is as yet enacted, the shield will be deactivated.

There are 4 sorts of shield:

• “Defeat” Shield: 16 hours time, you got this when somebody has crushed you. It’s free, exploit it!

• Minor Shield: 1 day time, you can buy this for 5 , 1 day cooldown when purchased.

• Great Shield: 2 days time, you can buy this for 10 , 2 days cooldown when purchased.

• Supreme Shield: 7 days time, you can buy this for 25 , 7 days cooldown when purchased.

Fight with a definitive legends and lead them vigorously in this online system RPG amusement! Breed, feed, raise and train Legendary and Epic monsters, at that point begin battling in the field.

Gather Monster Legends to reveal their battling abilities and lift your methodology in real life pressed RPG fights. Manufacture a world in the amusement for monsters to live, fill it with territories and breed new species! Take your monsters on energizing journeys and field fights loaded with procedure. At exactly that point will you have the capacity to substantiate yourself a Master of Monster Legends!

In case you’re about multiplayer diversions, you’ll cherish Team Wars, where you’ll have the capacity to duel other Monster Masters and win great rewards and War Coins you can use to gather the restrictive monsters in the Team Shop.

Join your companions and interface with a Monster Community of more than 60 million players. Begin today!



  • Collect more than 400 monsters: New monsters are added to the amusement consistently!
  • Breed monsters of various components and rarities to make cool new species!


  • Collect inconceivable monsters of numerous kinds in restricted time occasions!
  • Fight in exceptional occasions made of miracles and perils pressed with pretending activity and obscure monster enemies. Be a saint!
  • Collect fortunes and rewards in your journey to wonder.


  • Level up your monsters and give them helps for the fights ahead.
  • Your monsters will end up more grounded as you rank them up in the Monster Lab and outfit them with runes!
  • Set your monster groups deliberately, consolidating the assailants, tanks and control monsters that work best together.
  • Battles will require technique and strategies in the event that you need to ascend to the highest point of the rankings!


  • Fight PvP fights in the Multiplayer Mode each season for trophies, rewards, and an opportunity to achieve the Legendary Leagues and turn into the Legendary Leader!
  • The monsters in your Defense Team should be solid to shield your trophies from being stolen by other Monster Masters.
  • Team Wars is a definitive Multiplayer encounter: Join or begin a group, assemble a technique with different players and get elite monsters from the Team Shop!
  • Team up with your companions, battle and measure your fight methodology and quality against different players.


  • Build a Monster Paradise and fill it with all that you require: A Breeding Mountain, Habitats, Temples, and the sky is the limit from there!
  • Unlock extraordinary spots in the islands, similar to the Library, the Temples of the Guardians, and the Monster Lab!

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